Why you Should Buy From us

Buying from AMC Cosmetics Means:

                                  You are contributing on helping other people in needs; buying from  AMC is not only you get the opportunity to buy the best cosmetic products, but also you get the chance to contribute in the people we are helping. Every AMC Cosmetic product that you buy, Non-profit Organization like SEAL Foundation will receives 25 cents.


                                 You will get noticed; this means you will appear on the AMC Gallery Blogs. We make a random selection on people who buy from us; you just need to send the photo with the products that you buy.


                                 You can get free AMC products; we love our customers, and we want to treat you right because you support the brand by wearing it. You are collecting point as you buy and rewarding them as you wish.


                                The best ever reward you could get when buying from AMC is that you can get your makeup done for free and also get the chance to be an AMC model; this means, you will get the exclusive discount on the AMC products and get the best discount you could ever imagine. This program calls "I AM AMC".

For any questions regarding these statements, please email us at: info@amccosmetics.com